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Your ICE List: Numbers You Need

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It seems prehistoric to memorize phone numbers of those we call frequently when now all we do is simply select a name from our cell phone’s address book or push a speed dial button.

But what happens if you have an emergency in which you are “phone-less?” Who do you call? Do you know important phone numbers by heart—even those of your best friends? How about a towing service, your insurance carrier, or an emergency family member?

Here’s what you can do to make sure you’re never without your important phone numbers, even if you’re without your cell phone:

1. Type out a short list of important names and phone numbers and make five copies. (I make mine in a business card format on the computer so they are the same size as my ID. Plus, several can be printed at once!)

Who to include:

Your ICE (in case of emergency) person
Close family member
Couple of dependable friends
Vehicle and medical insurance phone numbers
Taxi company
Towing service
Chiropractor or doctor, etc.
Credit/debit card emergency phone number

Note: Keep account numbers, etc. secret. There are safer places for those.

Where to keep the five copies:

With your ID
In your vehicle
At home
At work
Another location of your choice; maybe with a best friend

This tiny slip of paper will eliminate the need for a phone book (do those still exist?) or an internet connection in the event you lose your phone.

2. One thing I noticed when creating my list was that I really had to think about who has my back and would be dependable in an emergency. It was an eye-opener to say the least! I mean, we talk about “our friends” and meet them for coffee or drinks, but would we really be able to depend on them in an emergency?

This safety exercise prompts us to consider who our true friends are and who should by moved to the “acquaintance” category. I also found the need to update my list frequently. (My most dependable friends are in the military and deploy to Iraq and Afghanistan.)

3. Want to make it a game? Time how long it takes you to make your list then encourage people you care about to do the same—but to do it more quickly. By seeing who can do it the fastest, you all end up with a no-hassle list. Peace of mind is a bonus!

By Kelly Rudolph

Originally published on WomenCo.


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