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Hello friends, for the past week I have been deliberating as to what topic I should write. Although I do have several ideas in mind, however, I can’t seem to make a final decision. Am I suffering from what they call … writer’s block?

During the past month, I have been swept away into this euphoria. I have actually been searching on for any performances of this little girl from faraway Philippines. Let me tell you how my latest craze all started.

In May 2008, me and three of my girlfriends went on a little spring time get away to Las Vegas, Nevada. We stayed in the posh quite expensive Mandalay Bay Hotel Resort/Casino. Since we split our expenses four ways, it wasn’t that expensive after all. So, one morning, while having a buffet breakfast, we happened to read one of the Las Vegas magazines. We checked what show is on that evening. There it was David Foster and Friends doing a Charity event to benefit Andre Agazzi and his children afflicted with cancer. So, to make a long story short, we purchased our tickets. Since we are guest in the hotel, we didn’t have problem and in fact was given preferential seats at a discounted price.

So that evening we dressed up and attended the three hour show. There was a long list of performers from Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and so on. Halfway, on the show, David Foster introduced this sixteen year old girl from the Philippines named Charice. Oh, let me tell you. You have not seen or heard anything like it. This girl belts out these two songs from Whitney Houston’s Body Guard CD and she literally blew the roof off the Mandalay Bay Hotel Theatre Auditorium. If I described that she brought the “house down,” it will be an understatement.

It was surely a big “WOW” moment. We gave her a ten-minute standing ovation. Then, she followed it by her powerful, soul full rendition of Jennifer Holiday’s classic “And I am telling you, I’m not going.”
After the song, me and my friends were all reaching for our Kleenex. We were all in tears. Not just a tear but we were in puddles. This young girl deeply connected with us. I happened to glanced at the people next to me and they too were wiping their tears. David Foster later declared “A star is born!” The audience agreed and gave another standing ovation and a thundering applause.

It seems that when the show was over, something has drawn us to stay and wait outside at the lobby to get a glimpse of Charice.

We shook her small, dainty hands and got the chance to talked to her for about five minutes. Too bad, none of us have a camera on hand. She speaks in a very soft humble manner. Definitely, this girl has charisma.

Her bright smile and polite manner got all of us talking about her all the way to our hotel room.

Later on, we read that she was going back to her home country. We miss her for some reason.

We were like four sisters missing our fifth youngest one. I am trying hard to explain that myself but I can not seem to find an answer.

So back to my daily life, I started looking for any news on Charice. I read a snippet of her young life.

She was obligated to sing in her home country at the tender age of four just so she, her younger brother and their Mom could have their next meal. They were abandoned by a violent father.

At age seven, Charice entered a singing contest but despite the obvious fact that she performed well, she got third place. That crushed her little heart. But her Mom continued to inspire her and trained her more to downright perfection in singing difficult songs from Whitney, Celine, Mariah, and Beyonce.

In a country like the Philippines, I was told that the children of the privileged, kids of movie stars or kids of the powerful, wealthy families, basically, those children were all getting preferential treatment in any sort of contest.
Having said that, you must be able to put two and two together. Charice came from the poorest of the poor.

They do not have any voice in a society where the downtrodden were being cast aside no matter how excellent talent you could bring on the table. It is always not good enough. And to add injury to insult, Charice herself declared that she was told by judges that she was not “cute” enough to win the singing contest.

I recalled last year during the World Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China, a ten years old Chinese girl sang a powerful song and was heard around the globe. People fell in love with the girl as her image was flashed on live TV around the globe. But later on the Beijing government admitted that the girl who sang was replaced because she was not personable enough to represent a Chinese girl. What a cruel way to treat a little girl with so much singing talent.

I became so driven to search for Charice in YouTube video performances that I even set up my own Channel and signed in as a regular member. Don’t ask me why. I do not have an answer. I just love this girl.

Somehow, now, I seemed to reconcile the fact that this young girl from faraway across the ocean was able to bring her countrymen all scattered around the globe together. Filipino ex-patriots living and working in USA, Middle East, Europe, Asia were all bonded together in one cause.

They all adored this young girl named Charice. Through the magic of modern technology called YouTube, Filipinos can’t seem to get enough of their new and upcoming Big Star, Charice. Please try it yourself. Please go to and search for Charice. My favorite is her powerful rendition of “Try it on my own.” and also the haunting, extremely difficult song “Run to You.” Let me caution you, you might get attached to Charice.

I am an American and an avid fan. God Bless Charice. I would like to visit Philippines someday, maybe; hopefully I will get another chance to meet Charice. Will she remember me?


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