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Déjà Vu ...

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I am thirty-years-old and a mother of one beautiful seventeen-month-old boy Seth. This past June, thirteen months after having my little guy, I found out I had developed gall stones during my first pregnancy—lots of them—and had to have surgery. At about that time, I stopped taking the pill and we decided in the fall we might consider trying once again for another baby!

Come August, two months after my surgery, we began charting as we did with our first, and that very month, to our surprise we got pregnant! Seth was only fifteen months. Which means this baby is due only three weeks before Seth’s second birthday! Not exactly what we had in mind, but hey, we are very lucky! I really hope Seth is cool when this one comes along in May. Although, in six or seven years he may not be so thrilled to share his birthday month with his little sibling.

We don’t know the sex yet, although we hope to find out in December at our twenty-week sonogram. My biggest concern right now is how will I get from our second floor apartment carrying a tiny newborn, and my twenty-six pound lb two-year-old, down to my car, then buckle everyone in, and still have the energy to get into the car and drive to our destination! I know people manage, and I wonder how these other moms handle twins, triplets and sextuplets? I guess I shouldn’t complain. God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle, right?


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