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Early Childhood Skills

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Introduce and practice these skills at home over the summer to be ready for Kindergarten: 

  • Share, take turns and listen quietly
  • Wait patiently and use words to communicate
  • Recognize and know your full name
  • Know your parents and/or caregiver’s first and last name
  • Use toilet by yourself
  • Dress yourself
  • Know how to zip, snap, tie, button and fasten your clothing
  • Recite and recognize alphabet letters
  • Recognize your left and right hand
  • Know basic colors, shapes and numbers 0-20
  • Recognize a penny, nickel, dime, quarter and dollar bill
  • Use positional words (over, under, up, down)
  • Print your first name, uppercase for first letter only
  • Know your address and phone number
  • Know how to use a pencil, crayons, glue and scissors


Copyright 2007 Cedar Valley Publishing, Stacey Kannenberg; Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!


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