5 of the Best Dogs for Kids

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What breed of dog is right for your family? Have you been considering this question lately? It can be tempting to choose a dog based on looks alone, but this is not the way to go! Remember dogs are all very different. They vary in temperament, size, energy, and disposition. It is important to match them up with the way your family lives.

Once you have found the right breed you can get to the fun business of buying bowls, collars, leashes, and organic dog shampoo! But where should you start looking for family friendly breeds?

Remember these are meant to giving you a starting point. The best family dog breeds don’t guarantee that your child and a dog will be a good match. They are both individuals! It is important to talk to your vet before making any big adoption decisions. It is also a good idea to spend some time with each of the breeds you are considering.

The Best Family Dog Breeds

While not a “rule” larger dogs may be a wiser choice for small children. Why? They are less likely to be an injured by accidently being stepped on. Big dogs are more durable, and anyone who has watched a toddler with a pet knows why that is important. It makes children less likely to get bit because a scared, hurt dog snapped at them.

An exception to this, Pugs. Pugs are very friendly by nature. They love people, especially playing with children. They can be a great fit for a home with kids.

Labrador Retrievers
These dogs are by far one of the most commonly thought of dog when considering the best family dog breeds. They love to run and play with children. They are a very loving and loyal dog. All of these things make them great family pets.

However, you need to have time for a Labrador because they have a LOT of energy. This means they need exercise and training. Without those two things Labradors can become a large dog barreling down your kids with all their extra energy!

Collies are gentle dogs. This is a great temperament to have when it comes to a home with children. They are still active and enjoy being played with. The only potential “downside” is that these dogs will require a little more grooming to keep them looking their best because of their long hair.

An incredibly friendly and loyal dog a Whippet makes a great addition to the family. These dogs will like sharing quiet time with you, but they need and want time to run too! The perfect combination for a family dog. Great for any size home as long as they get time to exercise.

English Bulldog
These dogs are bred to be great companions. They should be both loving and patient. Overall have a loving and gentle demeanor. They are a loyal friend that would be happy to sit next to you while you do homework. However they may have some limitations as far as activities go, so if you have an older child looking for a dog to run miles alongside a bike, a bulldog may not be your choice.

These five breeds are among the best family dog breeds. They should certainly be on your list to check out when choosing a breed for your family.

Adopting a pet is a big decision, doing your research ensures you make the right one. Once you feel comfortable with the dog breed you have chosen enjoy all the fun shopping that comes with getting a new pet. Find your favorite dog toys, collars, beds, and organic dog shampoos to spoil your new dog with.

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