Adopt An Unwanted Animal

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My pet adoption started when I lost my beloved nine-year-old Rottweiler Roxy to cancer last fall. I know I’ve cried an ocean and still miss her terribly. I am an animal lover; they become part of my family, not just my pet. After four months of intolerable emptiness each day without her, I decided it was time to find another puppy to love. At first I started looking to breeders but something kept holding me back. I kept seeing that ad on television with Sarah McLachlan urging people to save an unwanted animal … it touched my heart to its deepest recesses. I cry every time that comes on and I look into the sweet helpless faces of those animals. So I went online and typed in animal rescue and up pops a website called Petfinders. I had decided I wanted a chocolate Lab; I chose that as the breed I wanted to find and began browsing the hundreds of pictures. And then there she was … my heart sank to my knees and a feeling came over me that I cannot describe. Her name was Ella and she was just a baby but lived up in Tennessee. I told myself it was too far to go and continued to look—but I kept going back to her picture. I wanted her; that’s all I could think of … but I wondered what the chances were that I would be chosen to get her since I lived so far away? I couldn’t stop myself and contacted the rescue center anyway. I filled out the application and later learned many people had applied for her. But the call came …. she was to be mine! I ended up driving from south central Florida to Tennessee with a neighbor lady in tow, driving straight up there and straight back. I cannot tell you the joy Ella has brought to my life and the healing she has done to my heart. God bless those who run these rescue centers for the unselfish giving they do to save these animals. They aren’t in it for money; they do it because of their love of animals. Rescue an animal … the rewards are far beyond anything you will spend and you too will look into the eyes of angel …


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