Alas! What’s in Your Mother’s Purse?

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Alas, what’s in your mother’s purse?

A long wait was made short when you had something to entertain yourself with at the doctor’s office or at any waiting boring place. The long wait would make me anxious, fuzzy, and most of all bored. As any seven-year-old could tell you, you run out of things to do or other children to play with. 

Alas! There it was, like a spotlight in the dark, the bright spotlight hitting my mother’s purse! That good old brown leather purse, sigh. My mother wasn’t looking and I stuck my hand in her purse to find a very pleasant surprise, an endless amount of Menthos, “the fresh breath maker.” I love those candies and my mother had those candies all the time. 

After a while, Menthos become addictive. I did not want any other type of candy but Menthos. In my mothers purse I could always find a new roll. Who could be eating all my Menthos, my mother would ask. Did she not know that I had discovered the secret to her addiction? Well, it didn’t take her very long to be on my trace; since, I would also stash other items in her purse, such as rocks, leaves, magnets.  If I would find something nice I would keep it in her purse, she had no clue that her purse was my “goods” transportation. Eventually, I got caught and then she knew that I was the Menthos thief. But the endless supply was good while it lasted. I haven’t had a Menthos in a while; do they even sell those anymore? We all have a candy that we remember in one way or another. But the Menthos were special to me because they came straight from my mother’s purse. And so, what’s in your mother’s purse?


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