Alcoholic Healing

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It’s not just another story but one I have been working on for a while. In brief

It is my life’s story … He drank I waited. I prayed, I worried

No one thought I would stay with this man, they said I should leave

They never stop drinking they say and they point at me as see I told you so.

But who encouraged, who stopped blaming me. Who even loved the alcoholic for who 

He was. 

How did I help, well the copy written version of this story is not complete.

But let me say … I changed before he did. It is a long story short to share.

I stop spilling it into the sink … and looking for it. Among several other things.

Do it work … remember I changed before he did …

Some say AA I say good … but in the bible I found that I am precious child to God …

no matter what the world thought … (in short) many verses confirmed this. I built my self up on this 

image God was showing me … and now no more low self esteem and now no anxieties … for 

my road map was layed out … and not for just I but even him … Now married twenty-nine years and we celebrate

sober without AAs … with the birth of our second son Terry Lee Flowers Jr. born in 85 … which was a  

blessing. Now we celebrate every year of my son’s birthday … as if it was his dad’s … because that day the son was 

dad stopped drinking … and today he says … God told him (another story) but I know I changed before he 

changed when I found the lord … Not an over night change but a change gradual. I am special and so are 

you … you who live with a alcoholic or even drug addicted person. And even you that is addicted. You

are loved. Yes even you that is reading this … and it was put here for you to read and know …

Be in peace today as I am for all the Lord has done. I can’t yet share all the small details as many … so don’t 

try to figure it out all at once … but let go and let god is all worth the low price we pay. 

Wish I could stay and share with you more but I would have to write the twenty-nine years of

pain/heartache/rejection/healing … in all the years it took to shape us … we all blessed … I love you Terry Flowers Sr. Your Wife … Ruthie Flowers


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