Alejandra: An Ode to a Mother

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Her heart’s thoughts inscribed
in every letter, a beautiful etch
bespeaks quite a mile of her love
her story as it unfolds

howdy, how’s everybody?
her sweet words for all 
so much care she bestows
yearning for everyone she loves

life afar, beyond the native land
she scribbles her story to be shared
in every nook and cranny of a pad
her heart’s desire comes alive

not a hint of doubt but frank
a motherly counsel and advice
often permeates, fathoms
the recesses of one’s erring soul

she’s not an Internet savvy
to share her thoughts beyond the shores
maybe, hers is more apt, a preference
the delight of a pen, those cursive flow of words

a snail’s mail, that’s how her letter goes
but her words are gracious, candy to the eyes
yet in more than a dozen letters
I failed to write her back

I sense from her an ounce of fret and huff
oft felt in her crisp yet coarse words
I reason there’s the phone and the net
to share our thoughts throughout

but at her prime age, eighty summers to boot
fear grips, a hug so yearned, a rare treat to come by
she, whose guidance and all
her feat: reared a family, raised seven kids high up

she’s a mother, a character strong as a steel
with nary a dent of weakness, frailty, a nil
comes though my late realization
here is a  woman, a wonder in every way

don’t fret, don’t be sad, oh mother
I’m here, with my verses, only for you

your son’s inner longing and thoughts
penned in every word, bereft of sordid lies
for a mother who bore the son
a stubborn, a rebel, a mind of his own

praises and great admiration
are my only consoling words
to a mother who took up the cudgels
for a family she so loved and reared

your unconditional love
is worth my gratitude
your gracious name
is etched in lasting memory

December 12, 2010
Gene Romero
Manila, Philippines

To a mother who lives in
San Diego, California, U.S.A.



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