Are You Being Served Well?

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We all live within a complex web of relationships: with our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, our romantic partners. Everywhere we go who we are and how connected we are to our inner selves’ guides the relationships we create and the interactions we have with others.

Sometimes these relationships work for us and many times they don’t. And unless we’re really conscious about whom we’re entering into relationship with and why, sometimes people can sneak into our life and rob us of energy, that drain us, that irritate and frustrate us.

And then the sad part is that when we shut off or dim ourselves we can’t be fully present for the people in our lives with whom we have a healthy give and take, an exchange of energy. So we wind up not nurturing the relationships that really serve us and losing way too much energy to relationships that DON’T serve us.

Find the Relationships That Are Draining You:
Grab a pen and paper and sit down with these questions. For each one ask yourself the question and then without thinking just put your pen to paper and start writing until you can’t write anymore.

1. Who in your life do you notice yourself feeling tired (physically OR emotionally) around?

2. Who in your life do you notice feeling badly about yourself around?

3. Have you ever noticed physical symptoms that pop up more than once around a person (for me it’s often a slight sore throat)? With whom, and what are the feelings/symptoms?

Awesome work! Next:

Three Steps To Take Towards Reclaiming Your Energy and Showing Up For the Folks Who Really Serve You:
1. Notice people around whom it’s difficult to be yourself—you may find yourself censoring thoughts or opinions, holding parts of yourself back, even dressing differently.

2. Identify clearly which relationships are working for you and which aren’t with my gift of this FREE visualization. Click here to download it. Use as frequently as you like!

3. Notice your reaction when meeting new people. How does your body feel around them? How does your heart feel? Ask your brain what it has to say about this new person. Then decide to what extent (if any) you want this person in your life.

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