Are You Really Mine, Grandpa?

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After waiting what seemed for all of my life..I finally met the "love of my life" and married at 21 years of age. What did I know about marriage, absolutely nothing! My mother method of raising me ,was sheltering me from real life and making all decisions for me.

You can't make a go of a marriage, when you have no idea of who you are. When your mother is such a strong influence in your life and you marry a person whose influences in his life are so totally different than yours..does not make for a great recipe in making love and not making marriage a war!

After making it through ten years of marriage and bring four beautiful daughters into our lives, we divorced. I thought divorce meant dissolvement of marriage between husband and wife, I was so wrong. My ex-husband included the children. We warred in the courts for the next 16 years over child support.

It should not surprise anyone that the father of our children did not participate in their lives while they were growing up. Shocker!

I was working for United Airlines at Newark International Airport and put in for a transfer to work at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas.

The decision was a hard one to make. I was leaving my family and friends, all that gave me love and comfort to go to a place where I knew no one and begin a new life..

I moved to Las Vegas to make changes..and life laughs at you…of all of the towns, cities, villages, within a few weeks of each other, my ex-husband moves to Las Vegas too! Believe me, this was not planned nor did I have any inkling that this would occur.

Our oldest, Regina is now married with two of my grandchildren, Dalton 5, Carly 1. She and the kids  are coming to visit with me.

 She wants to see her father. I try very hard to understand and accept this as I invite Ronnie to my home to pick them up for a Las Vegas afternoon outing.

As they walk out the door together, Dalton puts his little hand in his grandfather's and asks "are you really mine, grandpa?"

Sadly for my daughter and my grandchildren the past and the man who could not admit to the pain he had incurred was too much for the relationship to continue. 

Today, I am about to become the grandmother of my sixth grandchild and loving it!

My children and my grandchildren are my millions!


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