Bridesmaid Blahs

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A few months ago my friend Jojo ask me to be a bridesmaid. I have never been a bridesmaid and I was so excited. We went to the first of many dress try-ons. I was in my glory, walking up n down the aisles looking at all the different styles and colors of gowns. Jojo walked up to me and asked if I would try-ons, this beautiful strapless gown she had picked out. I skipped my way to the dressing room, bubbling with joy. I stripped down put the dress on and walked out of the dressing room. When one of the other bridesmaids looked at me and said “I am with her.” Apparently I look like a football player in strapless gowns. I have never been a self-conscious person. I have always been proud of my body and the way I look. But when I found out that they thought I looked absolutely horrible in the dress, it really did hurt my feelings. I held it all in and kept on my happy go lucky face. When I jumped into my car, I lost it. I cried all the way home. My mom always said that if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I never listened to that. I think if I look ridiculous in something PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME! I don’t want to walk out the door like that. I just think that there are nice ways to tell someone that they don’t look good in a particular outfit. So as time is going on, I have been dieting so if I am stuck wearing a strapless gown at least I wont look like a football player.

So over the past few weeks, I have had several more duties as a bridesmaid packed onto me. Jo will call me wanting me to go to those brides’ shows. BORING! So I pack up and go with her anyway knowing that it is a snooze fest. They are all the same people and booths at every one of those shows. The other day, I was thinking where the heck is the maid of honor? Isn’t she the one that is suppose to do all this with the bride? Mind you the maid of honor is a certified Bridal Consultant. So where is she? Why does Jo keep calling me to do this stuff? I am really starting to get upset. I do have my own things to do. So I finally asked Jo why she hasn’t been calling Christina? I guess Christina is getting on her last nerve. Christina is a very pushy person; she is the person that when things are not going her way she has a lil’ hissy fit. This is the part of every thing that has made me feel good. Jo tells me “Well, you have no problem speaking your mind and if Christina starts getting to pushy, you are the one I know that will put her in her place.” I had a smile that went ear to ear. Still feel as though I am being put on the spot or dragged thru the mud. So after the last bridal show I went to, I finally put my foot down and spoke my mind. Jo called and asked me to go to another bridal show. NO! We went to another try-on appointment, I said I am not wearing a strapless gown, I am sorry I am not a size 2 but I would like to wear a gown that compliments me not stand out in the crowd and get pointed at. WOW!! Relief is finally starting to pour over me. Guess what? NO STRAPLESS GOWN!! YAY! I never in my life thought that being a bridesmaid would be taxing on my nerves and patience. I guess thats why I have been a bride but never a bridesmaid. You would think I would know how she felt but I dont. I spent very little time worrying about the dresses my girls wore. I just told them pick out your own style of dress but I would like to have it in that color. I was happy and so were they. Everyone had fun.

I believe most women not all of us, get ourselves so hyped up for the ONE BIG DAY, that we lose our sense reality and common sense. But most important we forget that these people in our wedding are also our dearest closest friends, we put too much pressure on and treat them like a lap dogs. Weddings are when we celebrate the joining of two different lives into one. This day is suppose to be fun and exciting. WE women are turning into MONSTERS!! Yelling and screaming when things are not going our way. Hello! Reality check not everything goes your way, its called life and sometimes it sucks. Why in the heck does everything cost so much money? Things are hard enough then the bride wants us to pay $500 for a dress that I can only wear one time. Good gravy they have corner the market on us and suckering us all in to the hype.


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