Cheeky Cats

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Mischa was a tortoise shell tabby cat who shared my apartment /flat with me for several years. I came home late one evening to find a litter tray in my kitchen. My mum had a key to my flat so it was not such a surprise, except that when I called her to ask her if she had brought her cat to stay with me, she told me to look around to find the cat and call her back. I called Jerry, but she did not come as she normally would have, and as she was a big white cat who would come to me before I even called her, I realized that it was not her that my mum had brought to stay. I continued to looking and called “puss puss puss” in the hope that a cat would come out from somewhere, anywhere in the flat.

Then finally I found this tiny fur ball behind the TV stand. I sat on the floor and called until she came to me, limed onto my lap, and snuggled down. I was in love with her immediately. We became instant friends, the tiny fur ball and I my flat mate friends called her. That first night I lay her on the bottom of my bed when I went to sleep, only to wake up to her fast asleep on my neck. She was like an alarm clock, because she wanted to be fed early in the morning. By seven a.m. as soon as I got up she wanted to be fed, and if I was late getting up she would jump onto the bed and wake me by kneading on the quilt cover as if she was making bread or pizza.

I remember that as she grew up she became a very confidant cat going out of the back door cat-flat that my step dad made her, staying out all day and running up the back stairs to my call when I came home in the evening. She was often in fights or hanging out with the neighbors cats, and there were many of them. She was very sociable with my friends too when they visited, as they fussed over her and fed her cat nips one by one. One evening a friend had come over for dinner, it was tuna pasta and salad. After eating I walked my friend to the bus stop, to return to the house. It was a warm summer evening and I was not more than ten minutes. I had left the back door open for Misha to come in because I was going to clear up and go to bed. I came in and there was Misha eating from her plate and the ginger tom cat, he was called Omahly, after the cat in that film; he was eating from the other cat plate, and sprawled out on the small sofa was Tammy, the bushy black and white cat, who looked like a skunk, and who used to be called Thomas, a male cat, we thought, until the neighbor took him to the vet and discovered he was a she. Tammy had gone through every plate on the table that had the tuna pasta served from it and made a mess with ones that did not have pasta. Then she proceeded to make herself comfortable on the sofa. None of the cats moved when I came into the room I had to shoo them out, Misha also ran out with her friends. Then I was able to wash and clear up the mess that they had left me. After cleaning up, I too decided to sprawl out on the sofa for a  while before going to bed and I must of fallen asleep, because the next thing that I remembered was a weight on my stomach where she had crawled and settled down to sleep.

Carol Noel


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