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The journey we travel when going through difficult times in our life often includes many different emotions. I noticed this similarity when talking to my friends who walked 74 miles over a 3 day time span to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. The motivation for this walk was different for each person, but yet the gamut of emotions were very similar. They started the walk with hope, commitment, optimism, but after the first 20 miles things changed. That’s when Courage, Strength and Belief in their cause came into the picture. Kind of reminds me of life. Each of us travels a different road but yet we experience many of the same emotions. Isn’t that why we need community? Can you imagine walking 74 miles in 90+ heat and high humidity by yourself? I doubt that most of us could do that alone, but yet when 2500 people make a commitment to a cause together they can accomplish great things. Easy – heck no, but is it doable? Absolutely! Together they draw strength and courage to keep on going. When their feet were bleeding, their sore muscles aching, their calves bright red with road rash they kept on going; because they were not alone. What amazes me about these women is they want to do it again. They already signed up again for next year. Seems kind of crazy, but is it really? Have they come across the secrets to a full and abundant life? It’s not found in doing life from a sitting position, watching everyone else cross the finish line that is for sure. But whether this challenge is something you choose to do or not there are a lot of things to be learned. 

Maybe in your own life, you are on a difficult journey that seems like it will never end. You try and picture the finish line but can’t. It seems like you have been walking forever and it hurts. You limp around wondering what is it all about? You need to grab a hold of the Lord Jesus and take Him with you, add a few close friends committed to doing life together and only then can you tough it out, and meet your goals and finish well. It’s all about community. You can’t do it alone we all need each other. When we purposely develop strong friendships we are preparing ourselves for the ups and downs of life. We were created to make a difference in others lives and vice versa. It seems so simple but yet so many people are an island, wondering why everyday is so hard, so very hard. They don’t have what they need most – friends. So take a moment and examine your life; if you have good friends, let them know how you appreciate them. If not the best way to have friends is to be one.


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