A Dachshund Named J.J.

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“Come out of there!”

I am calling for J.J., my black and brown miniature dachshund. He thinks he is hiding under my bed, but I can still see his tail!

J.J. gets excited when he sees me getting ready to go out, but knows that if I don’t ask him to fetch my shoes and his leash, he is staying home. When he can’t go, he gets mad and hides under my bed, pouting.

J.J. loves to go “bye-bye.” When he hears me ending a telephone call with “bye-bye,” he gets excited and runs to grab his leash.

It all started with my husband taking J.J. fishing. He would tell J.J. “Bye-bye! Fishing! Go get your leash!” and J.J. would run and get his leash. He loved going “bye-bye” to go fishing and ride in the boat. One of his fishing trips wasn’t much fun, though, when he ended up at the veterinarian’s office to get a fishhook removed from his lip!

Our grandsons, Jason and Jamel, gave J.J. to my husband as a surprise to help fill the void when our dog, Teddy, passed away. We decided to name the little puppy J.J., after our grandson’s initials.

Sadly, when J.J. was about two years old, my husband passed away and J.J. became my dog,

I wanted to learn more about these amazing little dogs, and began researching information about dachshunds at my local library.

Dachshunds originated in Germany more than three hundred years ago, when Germans bred them to dig for badgers and to hunt for rabbits. Rabbits were overtaking eastern Germany, causing problems. Can you imagine these short-legged dogs chasing rabbits?

Dachshunds were introduced to America about a hundred years ago. They are bred for different sizes, colors, and hair types. Standard “doxies” weigh from sixteen to thirty-two pounds, and miniature doxies weigh from eleven to fifteen pounds. J.J. is a miniature doxie, weighing about thirteen pounds.

Dachshunds are bred for three types of coats—smooth, wirehaired, or longhaired. Their coats can be red in color, can be a combination of black and tan colors, and can have dappled, or spotted, coloring. J.J. is a smooth haired black and tan doxie.

Dachshunds are very intelligent, lovable, and loyal. They are great with children and easily adapt to a family’s personality. Often, they bond with one particular family member.

J.J. has a fun personality. He likes to sleep with his head covered, and he likes to play fetch with his favorite toy called “Squeaky.” Squeaky no longer makes noise, though, because his “squeaker” mysteriously disappeared!

When J.J. eats, he likes to put Squeaky in his food bowl. We are not sure why. Maybe he wants Squeaky to keep him company, or maybe he just wants to share his food with a friend.

“Come on, J.J.! Get my shoes and your leash. You can go this time!”


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