Dancing In Heaven

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I looked down at the woman who had been my mentor and savior.
"Tell me about Grandpa." I asked her longing to hear the old stories of the man I never knew.
Her eyes danced with love as she said “Oh he was a charmer. Those Blue eyes could make a woman swoon." The memories of him were all she had left. She was dying and it was the only thing that made her smile.
"He sure was a looker in his Army greens. The most handsome man you ever saw. I remember it like it was yesterday. He was going off to war. He didn't want to go but it was his duty." I watched as her grey eyes shimmered with unshed tears. "He got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked me to hang on to it until he got back. He slipped it onto my finger then stood and kissed my lips. Boy was he a kisser."
I blushed a little at her candidness. I was barely ten and although I loved the romance in this story I still blushed every time.
"Well, Dear after many long letters and even longer sleepless nights your Grandpa came home to me. He wasn't the same eighteen year old boy that had stolen my heart, he had changed, but I guess war does that to even the best men. He was still sweet and tender and a great dancer, but he was quiet."
She got quiet herself and seemed to stare out into nothing. "Granny, tell me about your wedding."
Again her eyes lit up and the smile that I had grown to love creased her lips. “I was so nervous that day. I wanted it all to be perfect. He stood at the end of the church isle as my daddy, your great grandpa, walked me down the isle. Your Grandpa stood there looking all dashing and handsome. He took my hands and I can't tell you what the preacher said because I was lost in Roy's eyes."
I could tell there wouldn't be too many more stories she could tell me but I wanted her last minutes to be happy. I fought back the tears and asked her about my favorite part of the story. "Tell me about the day I was born."
She looked at me, reached her aged hand up to touch my cheek and said “Roy was so happy to be getting his first Grand daughter. You came out screamin'. I picked you up off of your momma's chest and carried you to his arms. You both looked so content. Look there." She pointed to the well worn photo on her dresser of that very moment of me in my grandfather’s arms. "He held you so much that first week, I didn't think he'd ever let you go." My heart leaped at the thought that he loved me so much. That he would spend the last days of his life holding me.
"Come 'ere Dear." Nana said as she patted the bed beside her. I crawled up into the bed like I had so many times before. "Sing me a song." Her voice was weak as I laid my head beside hers on the pillow.
"What song you wanna hear?" I asked already knowing the answer but wanting to hear her voice one more time.
"Do you remember the song? The song I would sing to you. That would have been our song." she asked barely a whisper.
I nodded but knew she couldn't see me. "Yeah I remember." I said. I sang to her a lot; it comforted her and eased her pain. But I shouldn't be here. I'm just a kid barely old enough to understand the sappiness of her stories and not ready for her slip away. But I was all she had now and I had to make her happy.
"Sing me a song" She repeated bringing me back to the present. I took a deep breath and with a shaky voice full of tears I began completely out of key.
"I'll always remember the song they were playin' the first time we danced and I knew as we swayed to the music and held to each other I fell in love with you." I couldn't finish because the words made my heart hurt. They had a love that I may never know.
As she slipped away I knew she was going to meet the two most important men in her life, Jesus and my Grandfather.
I laid there next to her and cried as I knew I was alone in this world. But I had to finish the song for her. I could barely see through the tears so I just closed my eyes. "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life, would you be my partner every night, when we're together it feels so right, Could I have this dance for the rest of my life." I hoped she could hear me but I wasn't for sure.
I’ll always remember that magic moment, when I held you close to me, As we moved together, I knew forever, You're all I'll ever need."
I knew they would dance forever in Heaven and never again be apart. To find true love like that was rare and I was so glad she had shared him with me.


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