Domestic Violence

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I need help! Help understanding what is happening to my family, to me and what to do about it. The more I search for answers the more complicated it all seems to get. My husband of nine years is an alcoholic and a diabetic. We have three boys all under the age of eight and I have a thirteen year old from a previous marriage. My husband was a nice drunk and I was the perfect at home wife who enabled him every step of the way. There is nothing worse than keeping an alcoholic from his drink so I always said sure go out knowing that it would all be ok for a few more days. Last year he turned into an angry drunk. There were a couple of incidents over the years but now it was becoming violent and unexpected. Angry for no reason?

He came home late from work in July and was drunk, usually he didn’t drink during the week. I told the kids to go get ready for bed, I could tell there was a problem. Before I could get the children out of the room he is dumping my purse on the floor screaming everything I have is his and he wanted all my money and credit cards. The kids are on the floor trying to pick up the scattered coins and screaming Mommy, Daddy’s stealing your purse!! I, without thinking, get onto the floor with the kids and tell them to go into the other room Mommy will clean it up. Big Mistake. I never saw it coming, I was kicked in the head with such force that I immediately felt the pop in my ear and when trying to get up off the floor I was then punched in the face and down again only to be repeatedly kicked in the face and body. I remember crawling towards the front door and I remember thinking this is it I am going to die. I don’t know if the screams of the boys made him stop and walk out the door or if God himself pushed him out. My boys ran to get the phone and I reached up and locked the door and called 911.

They came out along with ambulances, took pictures and then my husband walked back in the house with everyone there. He still had blood on his fists and they arrested him. I had him served with a restraining order the next day after leaving the hospital deaf in one ear and a fracture in my upper jaw along with bloody lips and bruises all along the side of my body. The court made him go to AA and alcohol counseling and I have filed for divorce. He is refusing to give me a divorce because he now is a new man? He loves all of us and will do anything I ask. Does someone change that much or if there is another beating will I be dead? What about financial well being of everyone. How do I support four young boys? Court is in three weeks for the assault charge and I have been subpoenaed to testify. What do I do? Any advice? Any would be appreciated


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