Don’t Ever Give Up!!

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Just a couple days ago I wrote a article about my ill friend Wendy. All I can say to that is there is a GOD. If you work and pray hard enough things will happen.

For what seemed forever I tried to give my friend Wendy this gift. The gift was to find our long lost friend in Italy. So Wendy could talk with her for whatever time she had left. The weeks went by. No matter who I contacted. It seemed to be hopeless. About ten days ago I tearfully told Wendy I just did not know where else to go or know anyone else to contact. Being the friend she is. She understood. But I felt I had failed my dying friend. I will be honest. This search had caused a lot of DRAMA in my marriage. My husband did not understand why I was so committed to this search. He felt I was OBSESSED. I did not feel that way. I was showing true friendship in my eyes.

I told myself after talking to Wendy. “Darlene, you have to let this go. You did your best. In fact above and beyond.” But for a couple days I did. But a little voice kept telling me, “You are too close, don’t give up.”  So last night I did not sleep well. Thinking of who I could contact today. For maybe some FRESH information. So I laid back down about 7 a.m. About 7:30 the phone rang. I did not make it to the phone before the machine picked up. There was no message left. I thought I better get up. I checked the caller I D. The number was strange (different) But I let it go. About twenty-five minutes went by and the phone rang again, a very excited, familiar voice was on the other end. It was my friend Wendy. She squealed with joy. “Guess who just called me!!” Before I could get the words out, “Patty called.” She said it was Patty. We both began to cry. Then Wendy said. “You did it! Thank you so very much!” All I could say was your welcome.  Please, no matter what is so dear and important to you. Don’t give up. I am so glad I didn’t. 


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