Falling into Cyberspace

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I’ve always been one who has lived inside my head. As a child, I tended to keep myself to myself, only sharing when something got too big to keep inside any longer. My internal monologue is constant and sometimes overwhelming. The only thing that seems to tamp down the “noise” is work, reading, music, and the elusive blessedness of sleep.

The work that I do is challenging, detail specific, and sometimes tedious. I become so focused on the task at hand that I forget to eat and suddenly it’s the end of the day and time to head home. I do my evening chores, have dinner, and head upstairs to disappear into a DVD or a book, preferably something heavy and detailed (Edward Rutherfurd’s Sarum: The Novel of England comes to mind). Depending on how tired I am, that may last anywhere from an hour to all night.

I’ve always loved music. I can’t sing . . . at.all. (But I can whistle pretty well.) I’ve always had a radio at work (and in the van), but this year for my birthday, I decided to get myself an iPod. Don’t ask what took me so long, I really don’t know. Now I am addicted to the damn thing. My son got me started by sharing 300 +/- of his songs; I’ve since added 500 more from iTunes and other sources. I’ve had to enforce a monthly limit on my purchases; it was getting out of hand.

My tastes are all over the place: dance, pop, rock, and alternative; but no country, no rap and no “head bangin.’” When I put the earpieces on, it’s like the world disappears. It also discourages my clients and anyone else working in the house from talking to and/or distracting me. But it’s tough to take them off and get back into real life.

Which brings me back to the point of this little piece: Cyberspace. It’s seductive, insidious, intoxicating, and disingenuous; and certainly it is a bit dangerous. But . . .

I could happily live there. I understand how some people can fall into the internet and lose their real life experiences and relationships. So much to see and learn, so many interesting people to meet and e-talk to, from all walks of life, professions, fandoms, and life experiences. When I have down time (which seems to be quite a bit lately), I find myself online, following blogs, tweets, links, videos; reading, chatting, posting, and finding all sorts of interesting (and sometimes disturbing) bits of information. And now sleep has become even more elusive. 

And it occurs to me that maybe the term “the web” is accurate after all.



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