Farewell to Fergus

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June 26, 2009: a final farewell to a friendly, loyal, and loving friend. The kind of guy everyone loved—his good manners, along with his gentle and mild personality, stole the hearts of those who knew him. He enjoyed a simple life—just taking walks, going to the beach, riding in the car, or spending time in the yard or on the front porch with Jen and Dave. The boat rides to Block Island with the smell of salt water and its mist spraying his face were some of life’s best moments.

He loved his family, especially the children. Emily, Caitlin, Jimmy, Andrew, Luke, and Kyle could play all day with him and he would be as patient as a saint and seemed to never lose his temper with them. He also enjoyed spending time with Casey. Like his family, he also loved to eat ice cream—such a drastic change from his usual bland diet that helped to keep him in good physical shape.

As he aged, his dark whiskers turned white, his arthritic hips began to slow his pace, his keen sense of hearing became dull, and “accidents” became a regular routine. Meals and everyday activities no longer interested him. Time had changed this once frisky and playful black lab forever! Perhaps he was also grieving these past six months for his old companion Riley, the guy who shared his meals, played games with him, cleaned his face after meals—and at times, such annoyances forced a growl to warn his gray feline friend that he had quite enough of his nonsense!
I would like to share the definition of “farewell” that I found “an organized expression of goodwill at the start of a trip or new venture.” So it is now time to wish a dear friend “Bon voyage, as you travel to your final resting place and join your little buddy once again! Fergus, you were truly loved and will be greatly missed!”


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