Five Best Dogs for Exercise Freaks

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Are you an exercise freak and a dog lover? Working dogs are the ideal exercise companions because they are highly unlikely to sit sedately in a corner of the house or lie on your lap all day. There are many varieties of working dogs, but the most famous and well-known dog breeds are discussed here to aid beginners to make a good choice. 

1. Boxer
Playful, lovable, patient, friendly working dog. This is the only dog in the breed which can express its feeling and emotions through their eyes. They are very friendly towards other pets and children in the home. 

When children and toddlers play with adolescent dogs, supervision is necessary. Obedience training can control arrogant behavior towards children. Perfect for sporty types or anyone who does lots of exercise; they make wonderful companions. 

2. Rottweiler
Intelligent, courageous, confident, calm working dog, but sometimes aggressive towards strangers to the point of hurting them. Proper socialized and obedience training is necessary to avoid this aggressive behavior. 

The training must start from puppy age and continue until adolescence. Very energetic and demands lot of exercise. This is not an indoor dog and is perfect for the outdoors where s/he can remain active. 

3. Doberman Pinscher
Sweet, intelligent, protective, docile working dogs. Very aggressive towards strangers and early age obedience training is necessary to overcome this. 

They are very aggressive towards other household pets and should be never left alone with pets and children. They need and demand lots of exercise, so should not be left alone or made to sit quietly in one place for a long time. Regular exercising schedules keep it active.  

4. Great Dane
Gentle, loyal, quiet, affectionate working dog. Commonly referred or known as “gentle giants of the dog breeds.” Compared with other working dogs, they are less aggressive and love to get a pat from their owners. Obedience training is necessary from puppy stage to avoid dominance towards other pets and children. 

5. German Shepherd
Courageous, lovable, noble, affectionate working dogs. Aggressive towards strangers and supervision is necessary when left with children. Obedience and socialized training is necessary for controlling aggressive behavior. Needs a lot of space to roam freely and is a perfect companion for an exercise freak.

Originally published on The Pets Central


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