To Forgive Is to Give For!

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When something happens in our lives that attracts anger, hatred, resentment, death, unhappiness, and just pure negativity somewhere within lies unforgiveness.

Now I’m not saying that we are wrong in expressing our God given emotions, as a matter of fact we should express them more often, yet it’s what we do during, and after experiencing these emotions what matters most.

I like to view my emotions as somewhat of a radio station tuner. Back in the days when we had radios that required a user to utilize its tuner button, we had to turn the dial to the desired frequency of whatever station we were tuning into and reach the perfect location on the dial in order to receive clear reception.

The antenna was used to fine tune the reception, and strengthen the frequency between the radio station and the user’s radio.

Well, the same could be said of our emotions. If we feel sad, happy, excited, angry, or frustrated our emotions will reflect those feelings in our day to day lives to the point where it shows up in our relationship with others, our financial stability, physical stability, mental state, sleep patterns, etc.

Forgiveness is that all powerful tangible asset that allows us to experience a life filled with Love, Peace, Health, Wealth, and all the beauty this earth has to offer in our most precious life.

We are in perfect harmony (frequency) when we forgive ourselves, and others, no matter who’s at fault, or what circumstances caused the unforgiveness in the first place.

I know some situations are easier to forgive than others, yet we must find it deep within ourselves to reach the point were we choose to either live in true peace, and harmony, or put ourselves in a position of self hatred, and destruction.

In the end, when we refuse to forgive we only really hurt ourself, that’s right, you hurt yourself because of your refusal to commit to forgiveness, or giving for!


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