Fuzzy Four-Legged Update

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My dog has survived whatever stomach bug thing he had going on!

He is back to his normal self: eating, sleeping, eating, sleeping, going on walks, and hanging out. I do very much thank that the vet hospital was there. It may have set me back a little but to have him home and healthy it was worth it. Besides, he is one of my kids and a part of my family. I did get the name of a vitamin and nutritional powder from my aunt. You can only get it online at I looked at all the products and chose the package for a blended family since I also have cats. The dog loves it! The cats not so much. I will say that in the short days since we have started using it, his itching has decreased a lot. I am going to try the cat’s powder and mix it with yogurt and see if that’s better for them. Which I hope does the trick because they itch almost all the time.

I totally recommend the Dinovite things to anyone with animals.


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