Gentle Grace

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I have always gravitated toward gentle souls. The kind of people who are quiet and kind. They don’t have to espouse their integrity with rhetoric because they demonstrate it with their actions.

My friend Grace is everything her name is. She is kind, courteous, thoughtful, and very easy to be with. I always feel at peace after spending time with her while our daughters have a play date together. My daughter, B, feels the same way. She gives Grace unprovoked affection and sings Grace’s daughter’s name like a soothing mantra: “Rachael, Rachael, Rachael.” Even my husband chimes in after Grace leaves saying, “I really like Grace and Rachael. They both have such a nice, soothing energy to be around.”

Grace always has an extra baby wipe when I run out, a coupon for whatever it is I am in the market for, and sage advice when solicited. She doesn’t gossip or complain or brag about who she will be, is, or has been. She doesn’t label herself with titles of importance or knowledge of superiority. She just is. She has a Zen-like quality grounded in American earthiness. She tells me that she is short tempered, and maybe she is, but I haven’t experienced it.

She’s a wonderful mother, very attentive and giving. She’s a nurturing friend. She is sensitive to the sensitivities of others. She takes the greatest good of all concerned into consideration when organizing group activities for our mini moms group. Most of all, she’s always wearing a beautiful smile, encouraging those around her to be happy because, well, life is good.

This is in gratitude to all who take the time to show gentle grace to their friends, co-workers, family, loved ones, and even strangers. I celebrate friendships everywhere in both the obvious and subtle ways they support us all.

What do you appreciate most about the people in your life, whether they be over the top or under the radar? I’d love to hear your story and continue the pay it forward blessings of friendships.


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