The Girlfriend Echo

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I was asleep when my phone rings late at night. It is a girlfriend in need of advise. Hoping I could serve her with eyes wide open, I listen carefully to the stories she has to tell me. It would be nice to transform into a mirror to reflect the positive in life at times like this. I wish it more than a blank sheet of paper to write upon.

The challenges are personal and more intense than I imagine for the time and over the phone. I am able to give my tattered thoughts however, am still awaiting for the “echo” of a girlfriend’s response—that she understands what I am saying. It is a moment we all strive for when advising a true friend. Do they get it?

Sometimes I feel like I am walking through that tunnel by myself, even though I am listening and am literally running towards a better solution or alternative especially for her. It is surreal and comforting at the same time. I am despaired yet eager, happy and concerned to assist someone I care for in a shared moment in their life.

This is what friendship is all about. The unspoken moments. I listen for the echo.


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