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“Keep the joy of loving Jesus in your heart and share this joy with all you meet, especially your family.”—Mother Teresa

My grandma. The quote above describes how she lived her life. Every memory I have of her is beautiful. And I can say in confidence that everyone who knew her feels the same way. When I was a small child, I just assumed that everyone was blessed with a grandma as nice as mine. As I grew older, I came to realize just how special she truly was. My daughter once asked me if God had a wife. “Because if he did, it would be great-grandma,” she said. Yes, Grandma was angelic. Jesus didn’t just live in her heart some of the time; he had permanent residence there. On January 14, there wasn’t a sunset—there was a silhouette. Grandma was standing at the gates of Heaven, shining so brightly. I know it was her, because I’ve never seen a sunset that unique—it was one of a kind, just like Grandma.

Always smiling.

Always watching over us.

Always caring.

Helen, Grandma-Macaroni, Mom, Great-Grandma White.

As her family and friends, we must carry on her legacy. Loving truly, being kind, giving freely, laughing often, and living peacefully—treating others as you would like for them to treat you. Live as grandma did. We learned from the best. Let’s go out into the world and shine brightly—let’s be like grandma.

Although our family called her by many different names, all with special meaning, I think the most suitable title for her is role model. God always has a plan. And in his infinite wisdom, he gave my grandmother a very large, close-knit family. In the center he placed this amazing woman. He knew how much she would love her family unconditionally. Never wanting, never complaining, just giving whole-heartedly. Showing genuine kindness and love to all those around her. Treating everyone with fairness and respect, never playing favorites, no ulterior motives, nothing to prove. Pure, unconditional love. God put her there as a role model to show her big family how to make this world a better place. And he couldn’t have chosen a better person … At Grandma’s, you never had a want or need that wasn’t met. Whether she was knitting a blanket, or preparing a delicious meal, everything she did was for the benefit of others. And she did it joyfully. If you were to peek in the window of grandma’s house during family gatherings, you would see a lot of commotion. But if you looked closely, in the midst of everything would have been grandma, watching closely over her family. Enjoying every moment. And, of course, smiling beautifully. My grandma smiled all the time. It didn’t matter when it was that I would catch a glimpse of her, she always had that genuine, warm smile on her face.


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