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I was about eleven years old when my grandmother had passed away (of cancer). I was living with my dad and his crazy girlfriend and her two daughters. I hated my stepsisters. They were always mean to me. Anyway, we got a call one night and my stepmom answered the phone I was standing near by and I saw her look at me strangely and she asked me “Do you know your Grandmother is sick?” I was like, “Yea.” Well I automatically knew that she had passed; it was a feeling that I got. It was around Christmas time and I was in somewhat of a daze. We went to bed later that night and I fell asleep staring at my night light that was in the room I shared with one of my stepsisters. It must have been the middle of the night and I felt this brush on my face. I woke up and saw my Grandmother sitting on the bed. She kind of looked like see-through Jell-O (as strange as that sounds). I couldn’t see all her features; I just knew it was her. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to. She got up and waved at me then turned to leave the room. I wanted to chase her so I got up out of my bed and I walked toward the door and then I stopped—the hallway was way dark and I was a little afraid of the dark. I knew she was standing there looking at me (I felt her presence). I felt her push me toward the bed and I went back to bed and back to sleep. To this day I know my grandmother was saying, “So long for now and I love you.” I love you, too, Grandmother.


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