Halloween Memories

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Halloween always reminds me of kids costumes and candy. It is a bewitching time of year. My fondest memories are of my nieces and nephew when they were young. Every year I would take them trick or treating. It became a family tradition of sorts. They would get dressed up as witches or goblins. And I would get dressed up with them. I had been a witch one year. And something else the next. It was always a family affair. And a lot of fun.

I would walk up to the door alongside my nieces, Kimbery and Cynthia. My nephew Steven had still been a bit younger. I would carry him up to the door in my arms. All of us said "Trick or Treat" and everyone would smile. We would get a lot of candy. And italways made the neighbors laugh. It was a fun night no matter what the weather may have been. Halloween is a special time of they year no matter what your age. Young or old it is a night of fun and treats. The time I had spend on Halloween with my nieces and nephew will always be a special memory for me.

Remember make Halloween a fun night for the kids. Enjoy spending time with them. They grow up so quickly. But the memories will never be forgotten.


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