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With recent sadness due to deaths from drugs and alcohol, I am writing a short article about being happy to be sober. It is the day to day continuous nonuse of the legal depressant liquid drug we call booze or alcohol. And not using illegal drugs or mixing them. I am choosing to break my secrecy in hopes it may save even one life.

There is a thing in A. A. we call denial. We say we have no problems with drugs. It is a lie that can kill. We find any excuse to get high on this or that drug. I believe it is to escape life or to feel better. It is also self-medicating. Sometimes from too much stress. Never thought exercise could do more than this.

Nine years ago I was working part time in a nursing home and playing in a band. I looked forward to practice because after we played music for awhile we got to drink beer and harder, stronger drinks. When I went home one time, my husband went outside to chat with the neighbors. I was in our kitchen pouring myself a glass of tea. I spilled it on the floor and slipped. Both of my feet went straight up as I hit my head on the cabinet and landed on the floor in a pool of my own blood. He came in and took me to the emergency room where I received many staples in my head. I was bloated and swollen and looked like a drunk with a large red nose.

I lost my job and went to mental health. They said I had a problem with alcohol and to go to A. A. I went and the people there loved me until I could learn to love myself.

A. A. is not a cult. It is people of all religions and races helping each other.

In A. A. we help each other freely. It is a free program. We have this rule where we bring in new members by attraction not promotion but I am so old I am breaking this rule hence I was a drunk. I have a little over five years sober. It is a program that saves lives.

I met a woman today who said the famous singer who died recently died because of her man. I said No. It was her free will choice to drink and do drugs.

To be sober means no drugs that are illegal or legal like alcohol daily in any form. We avoid cough syrup and mouthwash that use alcohol in any form.

Most of my friends who drank too much are dead. There are many types of alcoholics. Native American Indians and people of Irish ancestry drink with less tolerance. My grandmother had cancer from it and died a drunk. She ran over a man with her car and crippled him for life. She was in and out of jail.

When a person drinks they can become addicted. Then they cannot quit and can die from it or be in a bad car accident or kill innocent people. When I got sober I knew my life was bad. There are many types of alcoholics. I was the binge drinker depressant type. Many drunks are sweet, mean or sloppy.

Alcoholism is an allergy plus obsession to booze. We drink for any reason and any excuse will do. We loosen out morals and forget to pay the bills or treat our family and other well.

The people who helped me to live asked me if I wanted to be a wet brain. This is where the brain gets very damaged from drinking. The liver and other organs also suffer. They regenerate when you stop.

To stop you must first know you have a problem. Then you get a sponsor who has many years sober. Being drunk and hungover and throwing up is not fun. We may call it fun but real life is so much better and I have money that I would have given away.

To get sober learn the ten steps and ten traditions, Get a sponsor and read the Book we call the Big Book.
When drunk, others can control you. You will be high and not know what is really going on.

People want you addicted so they can get your money. America is also being undermined by other Nations who do not want us to be strong and healthy.
People because of body chemistry may have a tendency to become a drunk.

The fourth step is the key to the program. You write out your anger or grudges. PIP stands for People, Institutions, and Places. This is in the first column on a piece of paper. This fourth step is for you and your sponsor only. It is a moral not immoral inventory.

The second column you write why. What did this person do to offend you or your institution, or your place. 

In the third column you write Affects My:  S.E. for self esteem, P R for personal relationships, F for fear, S for security and $ for money A for ambition. Then you write out what did I do and then what could I have done differently.

Then you do one about your sex life and one on fears.

We have promises in A. A. Fear of people and economic insecurity will leave us and we will know what to do in situations that used to baffle us.

You do an inventory any time you feel wrong or very angry, 

Being drunk is a choice. Being sober is much better.

We must use our ego for good. We must swallow our pride and selfishness.

If we continue to drink we hurt ourselves and family and friends with our selfishness and behavior.

Death, insanity, institutions and jail are the outcomes if we continue to get drunk. It is a simple program.

HOW means Honestly, Openness, and Willingness. This is how it works.


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