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Over the forty years that we have been married, we have had many pets. Mostly dogs that my children found and brought home but many from the local Animal Shelter. Last January, we went to the shelter, “just to look around” at the new facility. Well, sucker that I am, I found the most adorable American Eskimo ever. One problem: his hindquarters were paralyzed. I didn’t care; we sat on a bench and he just kept moving closer and closer until his head was in my lap and I was crying.

Needless to say, he went home with me to join our other dog, Jindo. We are not sure how he was injured or what other problems he had, but after four weeks he was putting weight on his hind legs and running all over the place with his little boots on. He was a love. However, after only five months he passed away. We still had our Jindo who also came from the same shelter. She started losing weight and developed a large cyst that turned out to be cancer. We put her down a month ago and said we would be without a dog for a while.

Well, that lasted three weeks and we were back at the shelter to see what we could find. We walked around the grounds several times and didn’t see any one dog that called to us. On the way out, there were a couple of dogs in the grooming area—one was getting a bath and just looked so sweet. We waited for her to be dry and we took her for a visit—she was so ugly, she was beautiful. We named her Harrie right then and there and took her home to love.


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