I’m a Cliché

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I love logging on to DivineCaroline and reading about the trials and tribulations of people like myself and not so like myself. It has been like attending a support group, but very anonymously. For the first time, I am putting myself out there … because for the first time, I know what it is to feel lonely. I don’t like it.

I am one of those middle-aged (oh how ugly that sounds) women who has reached that time in her life when loss is a garment I put on each day … like it or not. Children are grown and moving away, husband is struggling with his own losses (youthful dreams, stamina, career) and I am floating on a sea of despair, wishing I knew what to do next! What do I do next?

I don’t mean to sound dramatic. I have a wonderful life. A good career, loving children, a loving and dedicated husband. I probably invested TOO much in those wonderful things instead of developing the friendships I so desperately need now. We moved frequently over the years and just having moved again; it is hard to find the friends I need. Extended family is no comfort at all. They have been a source of great heartache. I’ve read the heart-felt stories here and been encouraged NOT to give up. Maybe I should find a meditation group … that may help. Being an HSP (a highly sensitive person) I am easily discouraged by negativity and resistance in others. I am just not good at creating new, healthy relationships.

So out of desperation … I am writing here. I am reaching out to what I hope will be a safe and helpful resource. Anyone out there can relate?


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