If only I'd chosen another Path!

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I had lunch with Marlene today and it was rather upsetting, our friend who was 65 died of cancer in September, she had fought the battle for over 14 years and lost. But that was only the beginning as today, the day Marlene had unsuspectingly asked me to have lunch with her (the three of us were always got together) and Marlene didn’t know it was the anniversary of my son’s passing. He was 17 and on October 4, 21 years ago he was killed in an auto accident, he died instantly. And as we talked and sadly we remembered Rosemary and my son; I felt saddened by what life had given me, I wondered at 66 if we had taken different paths would life have been different, perhaps kinder and maybe just maybe, Daniel would still be here if I had lived my life different.

We talked, I cried and I didn’t say a lot that was on my mind, because we were sad that Rosemary had chosen not to see us the last few months she was sick. And when she passed there was no service or time for us to grieve; so I think Marlene and I were doing that today. Marlene not knowing this day would be different because I was too thinking of my baby who left me so young. Unexpectedly her kind gesture to call me gave us both an opportunity to grieve for a dear friend and my son.

So when life kicks you around and it will, one of the things you can do is call on your girlfriends and lean on each other for the emotional roller coaster life is always. In general we decided me 66 and her almost 70 most of your happy days are few, and when you get them use them. Celebrate the joy your family or your friends can give you. Give each other hug because you know whatever you say will stay in the vault and never be used against you. Give yourself the time you need to vent and mourn all that life is filled with because if you don’t you’ll go mad. So lunch became so much more, it was the real reason women need to have friends they can go to during dark times. When we unexpectedly find ourselves wondering what is life really about. Even at our ages we have the same needs and emotions only our timing is off, we are truly on the down side and often I’m plagued with wondering how could so much of my life be over, and will I have time for what I still haven’t done, as really there is so much I still want to do. The bucket list should be considered early in life, and keep adding don’t rest until it’s over…

And when we walked out of the restaurant together, I hugged Marlene and made a simple statement, as we were all in the same business for many years, different companies, and over dinner when we’d get together; we would say we wish we had met when we were younger. We could have been in business together and set the world on fire. So I said the words Marlene, I wish we met a long time ago, we would have been brilliant as a company we’d probably be of the cover of fortune magazine. She smiled; two old ladies with sad eyes and said I know it’s true. So I left her wishing we had, thus don’t let go of your dreams and do them. Soon before life is at its end…and you’re just hanging on hoping for good health. Oh we could share so much as old ladies with all you young people, and perhaps inspire you to move on, take that leap of faith. Who knows where you could be tomorrow.. It’s all dependent on that path you take or don’t! I think I could have chosen a better path…how about you..


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