It's Another Stark But Brilliant January

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I’ve had quite the year last year. I hope parts of it will be repeated continually throughout this year, and some I hope to never repeat. I have now officially been unemployed for over a year. Not only are there fewer jobs the pay has dropped enormously. It’s frightening really that there are so few jobs and you will almost certainly earn less than your previous job. Here is a statistic that I heard on a morning news program. Yes, the unemployment numbers improved in December and for the most part the fourth quarter of 2011. This next fact however, is what is disheartening….since the beginning of the recession (financial fallout) there are six million fewer jobs now than then. Frightening, disheartening, lousy, but most of all devastating for the middle class. I had actually heard larger numbers so I searched and found the number seven or eight million closer to the truth from an article on Wall Street Journal – here is the link:

They say the recession ended in 2009. Their recession may have, unfortunately I don’t believe most American’s recession is over. I also don’t believe that it will be for some time. Now that isn’t to say, that we shouldn’t be trying to make our own lives better in whichever way we can. I personally can say we had a very small and laid back Christmas and it was exceptionally delightful. I’m relearning how to shop and cook. I don’t still have six or 10 folks eating dinner every night. Which I always cooked too much worried I wouldn’t have enough. So, now instead of making menu’s for two weeks, I make them for one. I shop every week and am beginning to learn how to cook for four, and that we don’t need a sit down meal every night. I’m enjoying this, and I know my family is enjoying not having leftover’s staring them down from the inside of the fridge. Especially since when they were young it was a new meal every night, we were fortunate in that most meals we totally finished off the first time presented.

I have created a list of goals for myself for the New Year, the usual and the unusual. They are life goals, not resolutions. Books I need to read, to meditate daily combined with exercise to hold up this elderly body and mind, etc.. To research learning a new language, maybe pick up an art class or two. Sewing would be helpful, but I suspect expensive. I just don’t want to live another year of life, mindlessly plowing through it till the end. I don’t want another year of saying at the end of it, what just happened or one or two things being the “highlight” of the year. I want to define my year, my life, not be defined by it.

With that being said, in retrospect 2011 made me come a lot farther than I thought it had.
I hope 2012 is the same for all of us.

Love can change the world, but, only if we share it.

Peace and love to you and yours, Rickey


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