Jingle Bell

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Yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but I have to tell you this true story, that happened the night before Christmas. I had my family over for dinner and I had fixed a great dinner because I am a good cook. Well, we also decorated more and wrapped presents, etc., and I gave my bird a toy with a jingle bell on it, not paying any attention that it had a bell on it. I was busy. The weatherman on the TV, yes it’s always on, said there was ice and snow on the way. Keep this in mind through this story.

As the night went on, and it was late, late, the family went home and my house partner and I sat down for a rest with something to drink. We were pooped and my house partner was tipsy, if you know what I mean! As we were resting, now it was 1 a.m. or so, I looked up at the bird, and he had that jingle bell STUCK on his bottom beak. I flipped out over and over again. We tried to get it off and it would not budge. I said, “Let’s go, to the vet.” I stuck him in one of those quilted purses and when we got outside 1:30 a.m., the roads were hey, hello … ice and snow, and raining ice, with tipsy, the bird, and the bell. Do you get this picture?

We could not find the vet on campus anywhere. We stopped at this run in, run out markets on campus and I go in, took my tote with me, and when I got inside where it was warm, I took J.R. out. There was this officer there and I said, “Where is the vet on campus?” he said, “OH, I see.” Turn those letters around and it spells ho as in ho, ho, ho. It was Christmas, 2 a.m. The officer immediately got on his mobile phone and said, “Yes, I have this lady here with her bird and the bird has a jingle bell STUCK on its beak, could you come for assistance?” I said, “No, where is the vet school on campus.” He said, “Oh, he will be here in a second and you might not have to go to the vet, they are expensive this time of night and it is Christmas. Now wasn’t that nice of that man? To offer his help?”

They studied and they studied trying to figure out, yes, you guessed it, how to get that bell off that beak without getting BIT. Now, have you forgotten about tipsy and the weather? This officer finally said, “Follow me,” okay, that’s sounds great. We go very slow and finally get to the vet school hospital. J.R., back in the tote, we enter the building and there is not one soul there but us. J.R. must have picked up on this because he went to quacking his head off and he echoed all through the building. Him and I got a drink of water in the water fountain, I prayed the bell would not go down his throat while drinking the water. Back in the tote and here we go looking for a vet, anybody will do. We found one, 3 a.m., I open the car door to get out and directly walk in the vet when that bell took a fling and we did not need the vet. We were speechless all the way home. J.R. said nothing. We got home, put the bird in his home, and we said Merry Christmas honey.

Good night. This is a true story.


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