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Last-Minute Gifts for ANYONE—Guaranteed!

  • Mini Robot Vacuum

    Perfect for moms with kids, busy professionals, or slobs! 

  • F-Bomb Paperweight

    If there’s one thing that unites each American, it’s that we all hate our jobs sometimes.

  • Collapsible Lunch Box

    It ‘s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and it’s adorable and easy to transport. If you buy this, hope and pray that you don’t need to give it away.

  • Pancake Plates

    The funnel syrup to the side for less sogging and more dipping. HOW HAS NO ONE INVENTED THESE UNTIL NOW? (Plates, 2 for $50)

  • Heated Foot Massager

    Everyone wants a foot massage. Everyone. You’re a jerk if you _don’t_ give someone this gift. (Massager, $49.99)

  • Boo, The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog

    Here’s a fun test…present your friend with this book, and if he doesn’t like it, you can defriend him in good conscience, because he obviously has no soul. (Book, $8.90)

  • Leather Notebook

    This says, “I assume that the things you think are worldly and worth writing down.” Even though it’ll just be used for doodling, grocery lists, and bad poetry. (Leather notebook, $80)

  • Retro Phone Charging Dock

    Make charging a smartphone a totally twee experience. Perfect if Zooey Deschanel stops by. (Phone dock, $48)

  • Bluebird Corkscrew

    Fact: Wine tastes better when it’s opened with a bird. It gains notes of feathers and sticks. (Corkscrew, $16.49)

  • Umbrella

    Who couldn't use an extra umbrella? They're a completely necessary accessory. Note: "Great for anyone" guarantee does not apply if you live in Arizona. (Umbrella, $28)


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