A Letter to a Friend

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Dear friend,
I know this past year you’ve probably experienced many challenges in your life. A lot of it you’ve never even shared.  I know you may have been faced with many fears and sleepless nights. I may not ever know the details of your experiences and that’s okay.  I would like to offer you some encouragement.  You’re probably wondering “what encouragement can I offer you?” Or that I have no clue of the hell you’ve lived. You’re right, I don’t know. I can only speak from my experiences, I can only speak from what I see and I can only speak because I care.  I’ve seen my friend dealing with many challenges, I’ve seen my friend smiling to keep from crying and I see that right now my friend needs some comfort and uplifting words.

My dear friend, I have not walked in your shoes and I may never know the intensity of your fears. But, I do know what it feels like to look fear dead in its face. Guess what?  I kicked fears ass and released its control over my life.  I too have experienced many challenges. Guess what? Its apart of life so I simply changed my attitude. Our adversities, mistakes and suffering maybe different but in the end; each changes our soul. It ignites it, giving us strength, motivation and the know how to “ be” and  “do” better.  Please remember, don’t allow your challenges to paralyze you.  Let’s keep it movin.  Why? Because you’re Gods best and you deserve the best.

Good Luck,
Shuntai Beaugard, Relationship Coach



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