Letters to My Friends

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Hi there,

I decided that today is the day. It has been a long time since we just chatted. We used to … we shared the news of family and home, solved all the world’s issues, and giggled and laughed together. Now days it seems all we do is share e-mails in the form of forwards and perhaps a yearly call on the landline. So here it is. A nice long (if I can keep my mind going) newsy letter to my dear friends.

Not much going on here … heck, what can you do with little or no extra money? Well that is to say, when all the extra money is now going to the grocery store or gas station. I would have had a little extra money, but instead of letting me work overtime at the plant, my boss has cut everyone’s hours, so that idea is out. 

I began seeking a second job by watching the help-needed ads in the paper. There have been a couple jobs listed. After spending a few hours in line, I was finally able to pick up an application at each. Filled them out and sent those in attached to my résumé. After a couple days, did a follow-up call to inquire as to whether the decision had been made in filling the position. The public relations person told me that they no longer needed to hire as the position was eliminated. “Go figure,” I retorted back. 

Driving to work, I noticed a sign in one of the local fast-food joints! It read “Help Needed”! I whipped into the drive-thru, as time was limited (I had to get to work). The girl on the headphones asked me if I was ready to order. So not to sound like a cheapskate, I ordered a soft drink and a breakfast sandwich, pulled up to the window, paid $3.79 took the bag that was handed to me and asked for an application. The girl said please wait and ran to get her manager. I watched nervously in the rearview mirror as several cars lined up behind me.( I know how cranky people get when they are in those lines.)

The manager finally came to the window and instructed me to come into the lobby, then closed the window abruptly. I did as instructed. Figured it is good to show that I can follow instructions, right? I entered the lobby and the manager walked up to me. I told him that I had observed the sign posting for help needed and would like to apply, could I have an application? He spoke briskly in a somewhat annoyed tone as he said, “You don’t apply here, you need to go to the Alpha Betta Employment Assistance Co. to get an application; they do all the hiring.” I smiled, (you know me, always smiling) and off to work I went.

Upon finishing my shift (half day with hour cuts) I hurried off to pick up the application for the fast-food joint. I pulled up and noted that there were no parking spots available, so out to the curbside I went. Parked and walked back in the direction of the employment place. As I rounded the corner of the building I noticed the line! There must have been at least fifty people lined up outside the door. I smiled as I approached the line (my famous “Oh my god” smile … the one that I use to cover up the words, “Oh my god!”) They must be here for other jobs I thought to myself.

“Looking for work?” I asked the guy ahead of me politely. Making small talk, you know. “Well, no!” he snapped. “I’m getting my daily sunburn!” I was stunned. I stood quietly as the line seemed to move forward. After about seventy-three minutes, a girl came out with a sign and told us that the jobs were all filled and no more applications were being taken. By then I was only ninth from the door! “What a deal,” I thought. The guy in front of me was now cursing uncontrollably. I think I ran back to my car. 

I hopped in my car and started to pull out of the parking spot when I noticed it: in my wiper, a piece of paper. I stopped, got out, and took the paper in hand. It was a ticket for parking in a no parking area. I spun around a looked in all directions. There it was, a small sign posted next to a small tree. Sure enough, it read “no parking between working hours.”

“With all the hour cuts, just what are working hours?” I exclaimed out loud. I drove home where once again, I was safe and sure of life. (By the way, I am grinning.)

I went online and started reading my e-mails. I love the jokes, the cartoons (they make me laugh), and the good health information (with all the stress I need the info). I take special care to print up all the money saving ideas and the “boost your income” spam mail (I read those too now). I read the world news and know that I am safe here in my little world and feel sorry for those that are in bad ways, those that are suffering and without. I fix my sandwich and turn off all the lights in the house at sundown (saving on the power bill). I watch the evening news, turn off the TV and go to bed with this prayer that I now share with you, my friends.

My Dear Lord,
Tonight I lay me down to sleep so I can be strong and alert for my job tomorrow, the one You’ve allowed me to keep.
For this I give Thanks Lord. I ask if You will, if it be Your Will Lord, to provide all of us with more work to do and jobs galore that we will do Lord just for You.
I ask that the children, some tall and some small be Blessed with full bellies if even just a sandwich of jelly or honey.
I ask that Momma’s don’t cry and Daddies can work from morning till night and that bills are all paid, so they too can sleep.
Lord in short, I ask Thee to watch over us all and help us to make our Keep. I ask this Lord as Your humble servant on behalf of all brothers, sisters and children. Lord also, if You will, Please Bless the President and all the officials in Government that we the people elected. Help them to make the right choices to help us all.
I ask this in your Glorious Name and in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ … Amen 

For all of you that are in need and those that have lost so much, please know that you are much loved and are all in my prayers. 

May God bless us all! 


Oh, by the way … the mom-and-pop store down the road is hiring. I’ve shopped there for years and years! They know me very well. I called, but they don’t handle the applications! You need to go online and fill out a generic online application. The application goes on to another site, governed by another company. They look it over and categorize it. You will be place in one of three categories. If you hit the right one then you are sent onto a different department where you receive a phone interview. Then a decision will be made on whom to hire! They, I might add, have no idea who I am! 


Has technology far exceeded humanity in all avenues of our lives? Yep, I think it has! So sad.



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