Letters to My Friends (Part 4)

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Hi there,
Once again, I am able to find the time to sit down and share thoughts with my dear friends. It seems like forever since I have had a moment that is open to do “whatever I choose to do” ((grin)). 

Life so often dictates to us steps we take along our way. Driving to work or to our favorite store, we tend to take the most used, most familiar route. When going to our local super market, for instance, I find myself turning on the same street, changing lanes in exactly the same area, or at least very close and glancing in the direction of familiar sites along the way. As if I had been programmed by some unseen force, I just continue on the same route trip after trip. Today will be different. Today I take a new route, a less familiar one. One that life has dictated to me. One that makes my life different than it used to be. One so unfamiliar, so new, so different. New landmarks, new town, new people. No familiar sites along the way, but ever more importantly, no running into friends. Each face is a new one to me, as I drive along the main route to the local grocery store. 

The move was nerve-trying, and I must admit, I am not the package of patience I once thought myself to be. It seemed to take so long. As if time mattered. I found myself wishing we weren’t moving and then would spin into an almost euphoric gladness that we were moving. Box after box lead to an astounding echo of past, the sound of a gong blasting good-bye to all that was and is familiar to me. My spirit now filled with a cocktail of the excitement of new and the dread of loss. Loss of rhythm. 

Winding down the road, that leads me to the bottom of a hill and then crossing the bridge, I awe at the new landscapes. My mind takes note of new landmarks. My eyes search out the prominent ones and will find the less noticeable ones on another day. My clock has changed, as there is no calculated minutes to my trip. How long it takes to get from one point to another, no longer applicable to my travels in seek of eggs and bread, until I find my way. My route will be determined, calculated in minutes, then used, and reused until like the old, it will be routine to me. Until that trip, I will venture into the unknown streets, exploring each for new. Logging all into my mental notebook, in case they are ever needed. Replacing all old routes with new ones. My heart sings the tunes of a long lost adventurer as I turn through the blocks of this new town I now will refer to as home. 

Eggs and bread in bags, dangling from my arm, I return to my vehicle and begin the trek for my new home. I do not back track, no, I must find a new route, continue as a “Great Explorer.” Winding from street to street, glancing at the sunlit sky, logging each turn into my mental notebook for future reference. Then it happens! I am completely, totally turned around. I am lost. Lost in a foreign land. No landmarks, not knowing my directions of travel. North, South, East and West, twisted for a brief moment in the wonder and confusion of my mind.

Again, I seek out the sun. I head in a direction I believe will lead me to the river I crossed. The bridge, I must find the bridge. “Eggs for lunch?” I ask as I enter the house. Time does not matter today. I am safe in my strange house, a place I now call home. Having traveled this new world I have adventured into the unknown territories of my forefathers and like them, I have prevailed. I am safe. I must go check that river out for fishing. Trout on the grill would be nice. 

The rhythm may be gone. My clock and minutes off the norm. But in time this world will, like the old, become so familiar. Each landmark and each street mapped into my mind like a well loved tune. They will play over and over, day after day, or will they? Why not keep the sense of adventure alive? Why shouldn’t I take a new route each day? Perhaps I will find a new reason to smile, a new friend, a new store along the way. Yes, I will continue to be “A Great Adventurer” in this new world I now call home. 


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