Live Your Life to the Fullest

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“Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.’’ —Author Unknown

Time is passing by …

How did you spend this day? Were you happy, joyous, helpful, angry, upset? Do you feel like that it was a constructive day, or maybe one wasted? While we can save many things, time is not one of them, it is here for us to spend; the minutes passed will not be returned, so let’s use time to its fullest and best.

Our life is a precious gift, a gift to be opened, used, and cherished. The way to do it is to value each moment we have, and to live our life in such a way that when we look back someday, we’ll be satisfied with the decisions we made, and the choices we pursued. Life is a noun in the dictionary, but in reality it is a verb.

Have you ever met a person in a perpetual state of waiting for something great to happen in the future, while simultaneously totally neglecting the present moment? Waiting for the week to end, waiting for the year to end, waiting for a better job, a better relationship, for retirement, etc. All this while each day, week, month, year is passing them never to return again. How many, if any, of those people wake up one day realizing that they let precious time pass them by, time when they could have realized their dreams, but now it is too late.

I find antique stores to be some of the most depressing, but also most inspiring places on Earth. Hundreds and hundreds of trinkets, some more valuable than others. All of them catching potential buyers’ eyes with their beauty and uniqueness. The reason those trinkets are for sale in that store now, is because their original owners do not have any use for them anymore, in fact those are the leftover items, leftover after the family took what they wanted, divided among themselves, and then maybe tried to have a sale to get rid of the remaining items. Antique dealers took what they deemed to be of some resale value, and the rest was swept off and discarded.

Thinking that someone spent a lifetime collecting these valuables, maybe eagerly awaiting to purchase that piece of furniture, or set of china, only to keep it in the cabinet never to be used. Now that very set is here in the antique store, among other items that meant so much to someone, yet now have no more meaning anymore. Sometimes while walking in the store you can even see photos of people that maybe had owned the trinkets. What would they give if they could have one more day in life, what choices would they have made knowing the ultimate ending? Would they have spent as much time collecting those little things, or would they prefer to spend their time on something more meaningful?

Every day is a gift.

Today you and I have what all of those people are lacking: one more day of life! Let’s use it, use your time, your talent, share your gifts with the world. Do not wait for the future so you can be happy, or to use your talents when you retire. What is on your bucket list today? Start realizing those plans, dreams, and wishes today. Do not allow yourself to live another day that is a carbon copy of the one before. If it is your plan to be happy, be happy today. If you want make a positive change in your community, your city, in the world, start today! Today is a gift. You are getting twenty-four hours to be used any way you want, let it be something great!

Maybe you want to leave more than china and silverware for the future generation. There is so much that you have to offer to those around you, your knowledge, wisdom, experience, expertise, and you do not need a pulpit to share that with the world. You can start small, but do it with excellence. Share of yourself and your gifts, however small: listen to those who want to be heard, offer laughter to those who need some cheering up, give a compliment, you don’t know how that can transform someone’s day, and give a hug when words just wouldn’t do. If you make that a way of life, you will find yourself to be a happier, more fulfilled person, and you will find that suddenly people will want to be around you. It does not take much to make that change, but its result is everlasting.

Do not leave china, leave a legacy instead!

Let your life shine, may your friends love you, enemies respect you, and all who come in contact with you leave better and happier for being in your presence!


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