Love Letters to My Adult Children

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It recently occurred to me that although I have written a few love letters in my life, I have never written love letters to my children. What are love letters anyway? One dictionary definition is a letter telling someone how much you love them. My children are my definition of love so I decided to write love letters to them. I always tell my children that I love them, but I want to put in writing how their existence has been the measure of pure joy and happiness for me. There is a proverb that says, ‘A mother’s heart is always with her children’. So true.

Dear Oldest Daughter,

I still remember the day I brought you home from the hospital. I remember the soft pink one piece that you wore and the elegant pink crochet blanket that we wrapped you in. Daddy had gone to the store and it was just you and me, alone together for the first time. Looking at you, I felt an overwhelming rush of love, so powerful, that to this day I still feel that emotional love for you. Although I had love in my life, until you were born, I had no idea of what true, unconditional love was. It washed over me like a wave. It was powerful, startling and amazing all at the same time. You were perfect, beautiful, truly a gift from God. A precious little miracle, entrusted to me to care for and to love.

The years flew by; you grew into a beautiful young woman. What's really incredible is that you are so beautiful, inside and out. I've watched people compliment you on your beauty, yet you look so uncomfortable, and I realized that you really don't even get how incredibly beautiful you are! You are oblivious to your beauty because you are so humble. You decided what the important things in your life were going to be and although you had opportunities to be successful in a career, you chose instead to be a wife and a stay-at-home Mother.

A testament to the person that you are is your children. Your four- year old son is happy, smart, respectful, articulate, well spoken, well behaved and so very, very happy! And even though your two year old daughter is both a night owl and an early bird who doesn't sleep very much, I've never once heard you complain about being tired, although I know you don't get nearly enough sleep! I also see you creating memories for your children from planning circus parties, to taking them to a farm to pick strawberries, baking cookies and teaching them to pray.

You married a wonderful man who shares your spiritual and family goals. You figured out early on what was important and I see you, juggling a busy life for sure, but never, ever complaining. You don't even realize what an incredible person you are! You personify humility, but are confident at the same time; you are compassionate and loving, kind and generous, thoughtful, emphatic and fiercely loyal. You are also strong and courageous and brave. If ever I was in a battle, I'd want you in my corner! You are fearless!

The legacy of love, devotion and strong family ties that you are creating will reap dividends for years to come. I am so happy and proud to be your Mother!

Dear Middle Daughter,

In so many ways, you were a typical middle child; a little shy, very sensitive and diplomatic, but you were also self-sufficient, courageous, confident, and a problem solver. You always, always woke up happy! At times, the only way I knew you were awake in the mornings was because I would hear you gently laughing or cooing in your crib. You were very calm and content. You were also very curious. You made having two kids so much easier! Being my second child perhaps I was a little more confident as a Mother, but I just remember thinking how easy it was to have two kids after you were born.

Wow have you grown up to be a stunner! At 5'10, you are graceful, with exotic supermodel looks. I love watching you dance because you are lithe and effortless in your movements and you are always serenely smiling. You are also creative. I love looking at your drawings and artwork. You inherited my love of travel but you have taken it further than I did at your age. You definitely have wanderlust! As a young college student you took time to travel all over the world. Your passport is a patchwork of entries that are just the beginning of a lifetime of future adventures. You live life with gusto, and you're always ready for the next big thing!

You are also a mom. Your daughter (my first grandchild) is amazing! So smart, loving and kind. You've instilled in her a love of travel and adventures too and like you, she’s a great dancer and swimmer! I know you want her to be a world traveler, curious about other people and cultures learning to be tolerant and compassionate. In some ways, she will learn, like you, so much more about the world by being a participant rather than an observer.

You are special in so many ways, but your kindness and generosity are two of your best traits. You are the epitome of extraordinary. I love you soooo much and please know my love for you is boundless.

Dear Son,

I couldn't believe I had a son! You were an unexpected, but wonderful surprise! Although I had experience raising girls, I knew raising a son would be different, mainly because it's such an awesome responsibility to raise a boy who will eventually grow into a man. A wonderful, caring, husband and father. Our first night in the hospital was spent together. I heard you crying in the nursery and asked the nurse to bring you to me. We fell asleep together and on that night, I fell completely and totally in love with my beautiful son.

Look at you now. Wow! You are so handsome! You are tall, (6'4) and handsome. You are a definitely a daredevil (I cringe every time you ride your sport bike!), but you are also athletic and fun-loving. Most importantly, you have a great heart. You are a loyal and faithful son, brother, uncle and friend. You are charming and have the gift of making people feel comfortable. You can talk to anyone, young or old, about anything which is really a gift! Your laugh is so compelling…you tilt your head back and just let it out! Your laugh is infectious!

For years, I worried because I got divorced when you were only 5- years old, and I worried about a boy not having a Father around, but you have amazed me with the young man you have become. You always told me that you would protect me, even as a little boy. As a young man you are courageous, strong, smart and devoted. You have been helping care for your 80 -year old grandmother and the compassion you show her brings tears to my eyes. You are so kind, sweet and gentle. I know you are still finding your way, but I’ve seen glimpses of greatness in you. Your journey is one that only you can take, but I am hovering about just in case you still need me!

Son, I love the texts that I get from you wishing me a good day or telling me you love me. I also love the big bear hugs you give me whenever we see each other. I thank God for my beautiful baby boy, all grown up, but still the gift of a lifetime. My love for you runs deeper than the ocean, more than all the stars in the sky and I will always, always be here for you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, 'Men are what their Mothers made them’. In you I see a great man and I am so proud and happy to be the Mother who raised you.

Love to you all.



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