A Man for Me

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I had the sweetest conversation with my five-year-old grandson. He asked me who was my boyfriend, right away I said grandpa. He and I have been divorced for three years but good friends. My grandson shakes his head telling me no. He isn’t your boyfriend anymore, grandma. So who is? I told him that I guess I really don’t have one. He says, well you need one. I told him I just don’t know how to get one, I am so shy. He looks at me so seriously and says, “Grandma, just go to the mall and look for a man that you like and tell him you want to be his girlfriend.” I laughed and hugged him and then told him I might need him to help me. “Oh, no grandma, you have to do this alone.” You need someone to love you, just do it grandma, it’s easy.

I sure wished it were that easy to find someone to love and love you back.


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