More Meaningful Memories of Thanksgiving

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As the More is More Mom, I’m all about … a more meaningful Thanksgiving! It’s official; I’m an adult. For the past forty-three years I have been under the mistaken impression that Thanksgiving is about the turkey, the trimmings, and the Christmas shopping at midnight, but, as it turns out, there’s more. Perhaps it’s because my Nick is a senior in high school, and I recognize that time is fleeting. When the kids were little, the days seemed to go on forever! Now I see that the whole dynamic of our family is going to change in the next several months. So this year I wanted to be sure to savor every last moment.

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is our annual Turkey Tournament. What better way to spend Thanksgiving Day than at a hockey game at 8 a.m.? Both Chuck and I really wanted watch Nick play, but Amanda would have none of it (though who could blame her? This is a little sister that has had her fair share of hockey. We even spent her seventh birthday at a tournament in Canada. I kind of see her point). I just hated the idea of Amanda sleeping in and waking up to an empty house on Thanksgiving morning (though certainly better than on Christmas morning!), so she decided to take a vacation from us and have a sleepover at Nana’s.

While waking up at 5:45 a.m. may not seem like a great way to start a holiday, we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Chuck and I dropped Nick at the rink at 7:00 and headed over to Starbucks for toasty, warm beverages. My mom, brother, and sister-in-law met us in time for the puck to drop at center ice, with Amanda as snug as a bug in a rug at home with Boppa.

Nick and I were a little bit disappointed that we weren’t available to run in the Turkey Trot this year, so we opted instead to take Wrigley for a run after we had a late breakfast after the game. I loved it. Wrigley, Nick, and me; stretching our legs and enjoying the fresh air together. Working up an appetite with a little exercise (or, as it was, even more exercise for Nick) is definitely the best way to prepare for the eating fest that is Thanksgiving at my mom and George’s.

What a night! We nibbled, noshed, cocktailed, and celebrated one another as we sat down to a delicious dinner. I especially didn’t mind the massive clean up afterward. That’s when some of my very favorite moments happen. There is teasing, gossiping, story telling, and bonding; all the good stuff that the fellas miss out on while they watch even more football. The ladies all marveled at how well behaved Wrigley had been. Usually he is known to cruise the appetizer offerings, or graze at the leftover plates on the cocktail table, even though we keep him on a leash until after dinner. This year, however, he was a champ. He didn’t get into anything until after dessert when he jumped up and served himself some pumpkin pie. His Nana would forgive him anything and said that was okay because she had made plenty of pies.

The very best part of the evening was, however, yet to come. My cousins Terri, David, and Keith stopped by for dessert. My mom, being a total gamer, was only too excited to whip out the most recent edition of Trivial Pursuit. Clear the table, set up the board, and roll the dice. Game on. It was the perfect end to the perfect night.

More being together, more laughing, more being silly, more creating family memories … 


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