In My 55th Year!

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Another few weeks and I turn 55 years old. When I turned 50, it was no big deal. My husband, son, and I went to Gig Harbor, WA for a mini vacation. We loved the scenic views and the fall leaves turning. Forward five years later, the leaves are turning again and I am sitting here at my desk reminiscing about the last five years! Time does fly by.
The good thing is that I look in the mirror and don't see too many "crows feet" yet. That is amazing in itself really. I have more grey/white hair though. I try not to color it too often, but eventually I may opt to buy more coloring boxes in the near future.
The last five years have been very interesting to say the least. Added more family members to our household. And this past summer has been very eventful. Going to local lakes to try kayaking and boating. I just love it and discovered that I need to swim better. And that my husband can't swim either! So you know what that means, going to swim lessons soon. Keeping my self fit seems to be a struggle though. So the swimming and walking will help to take some of these pounds I have added for the last five years! My husband called it the "secretary spread". Oh, he means that nicely. I hope.
Organizing my life for the next five years is not going to be easy! With dramas all around me, it can divert me to stop what I am trying to accomplish and take care of the situation. Oh, would just love to sit and bead all day! THAT is my one passion that can never grow old with me. Yes, at times I feel that I am obsessed about the beading passion but it helps me cope with what is going on around me. And if I ever write what is "going on around me", it will fill many volumes in a book. So we won't go there!
Glad I found my entries here again at Divine Caroline. Feels like an old friend I have not visited in a long time and just happen to come along when I needed to vent about my past and my future. Glad we could visit and hope I won't be such a stranger and to write more in the future. Happy Autumn to all!



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