Our Miracle

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My son, “Tom” has had a crazy problem his whole life. Being almost middle-aged now, he has been in prison most of his adult life. He had a quirk that the law did not approve of which has landed him in various prisons over the years. This time he ended up so far from us that we could only manage a yearly visit. His parents divorced while he was behind bars. His grandpa, whom he was very close to, died, his sister married and had a niece and nephew he never met. All seemed hopeless to us and Tom until one day, unbeknownst to us, a miracle happened behind the stark prison walls. Tom finally met a friend he could converse with. Then one day this friend got transferred. Tom kept thinking about their conversations. The places he had described, the mother he spoke so lovingly about, even her tattoo. It started to come together in his mind. He wasn’t quite ready to confide in me, but he enlisted the help of his aunt in tracking down the family of his friend. She was able to find his friend’s grandfather. This man lived about an hour and a half away from Tom’s prison and came to visit him, spent the day talking, and decided Tom should meet his daughter, Tom’s friend’ s mother. She came to visit Tom and instantly they knew; they had been seeing each other when he was sixteen right before he was sent away! With the help of her lawyer they had paternity tests done on the three of them and the miracle is that I have a twenty-one year old grandson!! My grandson is now back with his mom helping her in her business and the entire family. Both sides are awaiting the glorious day,hopefully two years from now, of Tom’s release. They are planning a wedding and Tom will help in the business and seems hopeful for the first time in forever!! We are all thrilled; only one dark cloud, the corrections officers are not all nice. Some of them are threatening Tom that he should stick to his own kind “or else.” In the meanwhile his fiancé and son and future father-in-law visit him every Sunday and all hopes are pinned on a brighter future than any of us could have imagined …


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