Regret Hurt — Trying To Heal

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Hello All:

This is a continuing saga into the Regretful Hurt Series for all of you that have been following the story. About 2 weeks ago I came across this website, was troubled, took the chance and wrote a few stories. To my surprise I received some responses and suggestions to some of my concerns. (A thank you to all that have commented.) Within the past week I received a response from an individual that was/had experienced what I was experiencing. It was amazing, almost scary………she was going through the same thing with her friend as I was with mine. I was not the only one on “planet earth” to feel this way. We have now corresponded for almost a week on a daily basis. She will say things that her friend does or says and I swear that she is talking about my friend. We have both gotten into the emotional and painful aspects of our broken friendships and have tried to understand all that has happened. I know you are out there (TH), and I want you to know that you have been such a great listener to me this past week. I cannot thank you enough for your support especially now at time that I am struggling with things. You have taken some of the hurt and loneliness that I have felt and made it a little bit more bearable by writing to me. Also to all of you she has suggested to me a book………What Did I Do Wrong by Liz Pryor……………..Excellent………I recommend it to all of you women who have lost a close female friend…………who has just “decided to drop off the face of the earth and not give you a reason as to why”……………So in concluding I want to thank Divine Caroline for this website and to you TH for listening………



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