Right or Left?

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As I am a senior in high school it has hit me hard that I will be graduating and going out into the real world soon. With that being said I have been put under an immense amount of pressure from my family to figure out what exactly is it that I want to do with the rest of my life. I'm already scared as it is and these people are freaking me out even more. An 18 year old should not have little grey hairs coming from her head.

In all honesty there are many things that interest me. For example Psychology, Interior Design, Journalism and Dance. The only problem with this is that since I am a youngster, I get bored too fast and don't get me wrong I love and appreciate all of these things and I see myself doing all of them but I don't want to waste most of my youth on going to school. I don't want to be working towards what seems like a never ending goal and miss out on most of my life.

Pretty understandable right? WRONG! To my family that is not only an insult but a slap on the face. Not to mention that every single one of my cousins are due to return to school right after graduation. And it keeps on getting better, two of them were able to score a full ride scholarship to their university. Family really looks after you in your time of dire need. As you can see I'm the odd ball and well, I'm also the undecided major.


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