Sibling Harassment

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Siblings are notorious for torturing each other. Confess what you’ve done!

Sometimes as a mother, I’m amazed at the things my kids do to each other. What would ever make them think what they’re doing is okay? And yet, torturing one’s siblings seems to be a universal experience. And ultimately, it’s often not viewed as torture, but as some of the best memories of childhood. Recently these confessors wrote:

I remember when I was younger my brothers and I would stuff the feet of a sleeping bag with pillows, get in head first and get shoved down the stairs. those were some of the best times of my life.

When my sister was thirteen and I was eleven (or thereabouts), we put our three to four year old sister in two laundry baskets, taped them together with duct tape so she couldn’t get out, then rolled her down the stairs. Repeatedly.

Confess: What did you do to your siblings? What did they do to you? And what have you caught your kids doing to each other?

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