Simple Things Are Best

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A friend of mine recently presented me with a gift (birthday gift) that just made my heart swell. It made my heart swell for two reasons: 1) because it was something I loved! And 2) because she knew me well enough to know I would love it! I love coffee. I love the smell of it, the taste of it, everything that has to do with it: mugs, coffee makers, grinders … you name it. I’ve also had a reputation for liking the finer things in life. I’ve always been able to buy myself whatever nice things I liked. For that reason, some seem to think that I only want things that are expensive or pricey or the latest and greatest. Which isn’t the case.

So when my friend gave me a tin of homemade cookies, I was delighted. It was thoughtful and heartfelt. Then when she presented me with a gift card from Starbucks, I squealed with sheer joy! It truly made me happy for so many reasons. She knows I do online schooling and spend every week at Starbucks studying. She knows I love coffee, but more than that, I loved that she knew me enough to know that it’s the simplest things that I enjoy the most. Her gesture thrilled me beyond words. My husband bought me a new coffee maker as he knew I had wanted one for some time now and another friend also presented me with a Starbucks gift card.

The point is that it is such a lovely thing when you realize that there are a handful of people that really “know” you and understand what makes you happy. The best compliment she gave me was when she told me, “You’re so easy to please!” It may seem silly and simple and perhaps it is … perhaps I am, but I’ll be high on that for days!



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