So-Called Mature People

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As the story goes, I went to school and graduated—then the problem was that during the summer after graduation, a “girls’ club” was formed. My best friend and others were in the club, but I was not included—I have been out of school, got married to my wonderful husband, had three great children, and see these girls once in a while shopping and such.

I’m hurt and pissed that they would not include me, but I think that my so-called best friend is all behind it. I have called them on occasion when one was going through a divorce, death, or sickness with her husband. These girls at class reunions are such a clique that I can hardly stand it—talking about everyone.

I can actually say that they are not nice and certainly not kind. I have this thing that I would like to tell them, but do not want to stoop to their level. Can they be not Christian-like? Give me advice, please! I’m getting old and so are they—but before I die I would like to tell them what bullies they are.


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