That's One Good Stick Crop

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In search of the perfect birthday gift for my daughter Bethany, I found in a department store, this thing that looked like fall or winter to me and something she would love in her home. On the phone I found myself describing my gift to her sister Sarah. The description, admittedly lacking luster, sounded like, well, sticks. Basically, it was-sticks. A bunch of sticks in a sort of circle with a ribbonstruggling to keepthe whole thing together. My husband, Rocky, drove up just in time to catch me taking a picture to send Sarah. He looked confusedly at me and said, "I see ya bought yourself some sticks there…."

Well, I thought about telling him I had gathered sticks from the yard and made this beauty myself (as I fully realized I should be ashamed for spending money on something I had in large supply).Heck, I got a whole yard of 'em! Yep, our stick crop did real good this year, as well as the twigs. Oh, yeah, we had a drought that burned like athletes foot but, we didn't lose our sticks; not a one. And the twigs. Well, they did just as well. Kind of makes my eyes well up thinking of the fight they put up to last the summer just to lay all over my yard now. Come to think of it though, that "eyes wellin' up thing" may just be that hormone gel the doctor gave me. It is topical, for the arm, (that change of life thing) and I forgot to rinse my hands and just rubbed my eyes. But, truly, our crop of sticks did so well, that I put up a "BEWARE" sign to scare off the hooligans who might try to get in our yard at night and make off with as much as they could carry off in their hoodies.

I try not to boast you know, because of the neighbors and all. Heck, most lost their whole stick and twig crops this year, with no rain. And, then here we are, up to our necks in bounty. But, then, I have to say Rocky watered them a lot all summer. You just aren't gonna raise a good stick without water. I know that when I sat down to Thanksgiving dinner my prayer was different. While some were thankful for corn, beans, and a poor, decapitated winged creature laying there with no dignity, no pride, and for that matter, no innards, I was bowing my grateful head for our stick crop coming through. I figure we got enough sticks and twigs to get us through the winter and some to spare. I'm thinking of using the extras to make some of these fancy little doo-dads that the department store wants high dollars for. I could spray paint them in all colors and take orders. I was even thinking of making some of these and sneaking up at night and leaving them on the neighbors porches and surprise them! Won't they be surprised when they open their door? You know, you just don't see much of that sort of giving in the bigger towns.

I just can't wait to see the look on Bethany's face on her birthday!I know by now the phone picture—which was not very attractive by the way—has made it's embarrassing rounds through the family and they are all asking each other if they saw the sticks mom got Bethany for her birthday. I hear it's harder to get your hands on good sticks and twigs up there in the big city. I can only hope they don't kill the surprise!

Now I'm wondering if maybe two bunches of sticks would be better than one. She may go so crazy over this that she will want one for each side of her fireplace. They did have one left. Hmm, I may have to rush back tomorrow to the store and get the other one before someone else does!


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